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 Blending AI with Human Spirit to Empower Our Authentic Voices and Digital Impact.


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AuthenTech AI and Automation Tribe


Welcome to our AuthenTech AI and Automation Tribe, a place where technology and heart meet.
Think of it as your go-to spot for bringing together the power of AI and automation with the warmth of human spirit.🙏🏾 Here, we walk together through the world of technology, making it friendly and approachable for everyone.
We strive to ethically leverage technology and Artificial Intelligence to amplify our mission.

I’m Taga, and I’m right there with you, leading the way as we explore digital marketing and AI together.
I am the person behind Soulmate Software Solutions Agency (SSSA), and I’m here to make the tech world less intimidating and more exciting for all of us.
That’s what the AuthenTech AI and Automation Tribe is all about.
I see it’s for those of us who’ve felt a bit overwhelmed by the tech world, but driven by a deep desire to create impact.
It is a place where together we support our learning journey with curiosity and a bit of a laugh 😃
We are all about exploring AI and automation in a way that makes sense to us—the real people, the dreamers, the creators. And we do it in a way that stays true to who we are.
🙏🏾 “AI isn’t the threat to your job; it’s the person who masters AI that you need to watch out for.”

Together we break down the big, evolving world of AI and automation into small, manageable pieces
🧩 We’ll share stories, face challenges head-on, and celebrate our victories.
🙌🏾 No question is too simple here, and no idea is too out there.
✍🏾Bring the projects you’re working on.
Showcase what’s working. Let’s brain-storm ways to navigate challenges.
The best thing, we get to resource ourselves along the way


HOST: Taga Iose

Hey there, I’m Taga Iose, and I’m thrilled to be right here with you, guiding our journey through the fascinating world of digital marketing and AI. I’m the heart and soul behind Soulmate Software Solutions Agency (SSSA), dedicated to demystifying the tech landscape for us passion-led, non-tech business owners and professionals. Embarking on this tech journey I soon discovered just how steep the learning curve would be. 🙊

Borrowing a page from Marie Forleo’s book, every single step was a testament to the belief that everything is “figureoutable.”
My passion-led mission initially was simple: to amplify a message to empower people to navigate their finances with ease. This quest led me to dive deep into the realms of digital marketing back in 2018, starting with the Digital Marketing Academy.
I embraced the art of attraction marketing, building websites, sales funnels, automations, and honing my skills in Google paid advertising and affiliate marketing.

To be honest; it felt overwhelming at first. Each new term and tool presented itself as a hurdle to be cleared. But then, as if a switch had been flipped, my perspective shifted. I came to see technology more as a powerful ally—a bridge to connecting with more people, amplifying our impact, and, importantly, streamlining our work.

The advent of AI has only magnified this effect, turbocharging our automation efforts and gifting us back that most precious commodity: time.
So here I am, eager to share this journey with you, to explore together how technology can not just simplify our lives but enrich them, making the tech world a friendlier place for the SacredU space.

Let’s navigate this path together, discovering how digital tools and AI can serve as our bridge to a world where our messages reach further, our impact grows deeper, and our time is ours once again.

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