Allison Cotton

About Allison

Allison is a grounded and down-to-earth WooWoo woman with a big heart
and a delightful blend of seriousness and humour who has done
(and continues to do!) a lot of her own healing and de-conditioning work.
(Remember that we’re all still works in progress.)

By nature, she is a storyteller with a loving and nurturing heart.

She gets great pleasure in empowering women and creating a sacred space for deconditioning and authenticity, as well as educating women so they know how to trust their own inner guidance and have the courage to take active steps because they know they are worthy.


Being a psychic medium and a channeler of the in between, Allison is able to see the energetics of the words in a conversation.
This is usually prevalent when discussing your human design chart, life, and your healing journey.
As we converse, the information, knowledge, and wisdom that you need come out of me through energetic channelling.

And, in her infinite wisdom, she knows that as you rise, you re-calibrate to the truth of who you are as a manifestation of your strength
while undergoing cellular transformation.


Certified Life Coach and Akashic Records Reader/Channel