Activation and Communication with your Light Language


Activation and Communication with your Light Language

I am excited to hold space for you so you can build and learn more about your natural soul-light language. Your time with me will be spent learning and fine-tuning your natural ability to connect and communicate with your light language which is the vibration and frequency of your soul.

This is for anyone who wants to learn and who is already using it. I will facilitate and ensure we are protected and given all the support we need to make this circle a safe and enjoyable time for you.

This Is What I Will Offer You:

When we start, we will have a meditation for grounding and activation.
1. Deep activations that will amplify your soul language
2. Refine and retune your natural abilities
3. Connecting you to your higher self will assist you. Your higher self could be connected to your Angelic or Galactic energy. I will assist you in finding that direct line.
4. Helping you to speak light language and or helping you to find what is your light language. The expression can come through in many ways, for example, painting, singing, writing, and interpretation and communication.
5. You have a safe place to explore without fear or judgment. Everyone in this group will support each other and create a loving space.
6. You will receive help from AA Gabriel and my Blue Diamond team who I have a direct line to my Galactic connections.
7. Protection from AA Michael and with your Angelic connections
8. Communications with your Galactic Family
9. Your Energy field will be cleansed at each session, and I will use the Crystal lights to assist me with frequency and vibration.
10. I will hold space for you and give you loving and authentic support as we move through your healing process.
The purpose is to have you feel comfortable with your connections and have fun communicating with each other. Each person will bring their unique frequency so we can all feel our beautiful light language.

What You Need To Bring:

1. Commitment to all sessions and attendance to our Zoom call.
2. Your joy of wanting to experience the energy of light language
3. Meet: A Zoom link will be provided via email
4. Question and Answers

Disclaimer: You are responsible for all decisions and actions you take during and after the sessions. You are to be kind and supportive to all members and you are saying yes to allowing me, Katerina, and Blue Diamond team to enter your space with the highest love and intention. I, Katerina will hold you and protect you within a loving space and act as a facilitator.
I will use my experience and knowledge to ensure that only the Highest Light enters our space.


One-off 60 minutes session –  USD $141.58
4 sessions 90 minutes package – USD $566.32


About The Facilitator

Katerina Lenarcic
Meet Katerina, a skilled Spiritual Mediator, Evolutionary Life Coach, and Mentor. She specializes in Reiki, light language, crystal healing, and EFT Tapping, and assists individuals in integrating their spiritual awareness into their daily routines. With guidance from the Blue Diamond Celestial Team, Katerina empowers her clients to embody their higher selves and navigate their journey of ascension. Katerina is a gifted psychic medium that provides a compassionate environment for you and your spirit team to receive messages that will positively impact your life. She possesses the unique ability to access your Akashic records and receive valuable insights regarding the root of any issues you may be experiencing.


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