30 min Frequency Experience


Experience a Frequency Healing & Shift Blockages In Your Energetic Field

30 min Frequency Experience

Want to experience a frequency healing and shift some blockages in your energetic field?

Get an insight into what is blocking you unconsciously!

I am now offering Sacred U Community Members a FREE 30 min Frequency Experience…

🌟A 30min session drilling down to your highest priority and intention or goal.
🌟A bio energetic scan of your energy field to get the information about the blocks and the exact frequencies to support the shift. Many blocks run very deep and are carried through ancestral lines that are buried in the unconscious mind. Invaluable to know!
🌟A PDF print out of this info and some focus areas to incant.
🌟After our session you’ll receive 56mins at 514z energetic frequencies to help shift the stuck energy. You will absolutely feel the shift and difference!
🌟Followed by 5 days of frequencies to embed and support the shifts.

Just choose and area of your life you are currently challenged by Finances, Business, Career, Health, Relationships, Spirituality
and together we will set a clear intention and shift the deeply embedded blocks keeping you stuck using bioenergetic frequencies.


Complementary for all Sacred U Members
(Not A Member? Join us for US$1 for two weeks and still experience of the benefits)

About Jo Irwin


Jo is an Emotional and Energetic Empowerment Coach. The creator of “Empower You” and “Finding You – Time” Programs and Manifestation Mastermind Membership program. Co- author in the book series “A Journey to Riches – The gift in Challenges” and a speaker.

A lifelong learner of many modalities, she is a Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis, Results coaching (personal and business) and Regression Therapy. Jo has been in the health & nutrition, wellness, and spiritual world for over 38 years and has been coaching for 35 of those.

She also works with energetic frequencies to support deeper transformation and healing.

Jo’s expertise is empowering those who struggle with emotions, anxiety and overwhelm to transform their lives into one of passion and purpose so they can manifest their absolute best life.

Jo hosts a tribe in the Sacred U community. “Empowering You to live your best life!


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