02/ Magical Thinking
The Path to Dreams or Destruction?


July 6th at 5-6pm PDT

July 7th at 10-11am AEST

Open for Women Only

Magical Thinking is directly tied to Belief. It spans across many groups of people from Religious folks to Metaphysical or Woo Woo individuals and goes back to the beginning of humans on this planet. The proof is in hieroglyphics, carvings in caves, statues, rituals and on the list goes.

Many will argue that “wishful thinking” is a fantasy and does not exist. And there is plenty of research going back to the 19th Century that looks into Magical Thinking.

Join us in a Panel Discussion on whether Magical Thinking can lead to your dreams coming true or you dismantling your life with one magical thought at a time.

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The Path to Dreams or Destruction?”

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Event Details

Date: 6 July 2023

Start time: 05:00 p.m. PDT

End time: 06:00 p.m. PDT