01. Lunch At Talulah Bar
02. Brunch With Friends
Community Connections
1. Master Your Mind,
Defeat Negative Thoughts
2. Transform Stress
with Mind-Body Solutions
3. Conquer Anxiety: Understand, Reduce, Prevent!
4. Strategies for Preventing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
5. Essential Self-Care: Mastering Burnout Prevention and Recovery
1. Addicted to Beingness
2. Echoes Within: Unveiling the Secrets of Cellular Memory
3. Cosmic Alchemy It is Written In The Stars
4. Energetics in Biz
5. Women as Witches, Past, Present and Future
6. Mastering the Law of Attraction
7. Who Would You Be Without Your Story
8. Healing the Spirit: Holistic Approaches to Well-Being
9. Creating A New Vibration About Money
Co-Creating Global Harmony
Power Tarot - 17 Card Reading Tree of Life
Power Tarot - 3 Card Reading
Angelic Insights
Global Prayer & Meditation For World Peace
Mastering the Law of Attraction
Sacred U Welcome Party
Sacred U Welcome Party