01/ Life Affirmations Series: Birthing Celebration
02/ Magical Thinking
The Path to Dreams or Destruction?
03/ Your Energy - Your Business
04/ The Ego's Role in Self-Transformation Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & Embracing Authenticity
05/ Honouring Our Inner Children - The Happy Child
06/ Emotional Mindfulness: Unlocking Your Potential with Awareness
07/ Speaking Your Truth To Yourself & Others
08/ Barriers To Meaningful Conversations
10/ Re-Awakening the Wonder of Life
11/ The Language of Energy
12/ Emotionally Resilient: Strengthening Your Mindset for Success
13/ Connection Between The Inner World & Outer World To Gain Freedom in Life
14/ Client Attraction Using Human Design
15/ Life Affirmations Series: Birthing Joy Out of Darkness
16/ Honoring Our Inner Children - The Sad & Confused Child
17/ How Does One Listen?
18/ Are the Voices in Your Head Friend or Foe?
19/ From Victim to Victor: How to Empower Yourself by Taking Ownership of Your Life
20/ Emotional Intelligence: Techniques for Thriving in Any Situation
21/ The Four Agreements – Building Blocks to Connect Within
22/ Who Would You Be Without Your Story
23/ Life Affirmations Series Celebrating Transitioning Between Lives.
24/ Do Dreams Determine Destiny? Why?
25/ How Can You Tap Into The Fluid Motion Of Your Body?
26/ The Relationship Between Mental Health & Your Inner World State
27/ Creating A New Vibration About Money
28/ Emotional Empowerment: Transform Your Life for Joyful Living
29/ Co-Creating Global Harmony
30/ Taming Your Inner Critic – Who Is In Charge On The Inside?