Our Pillars & Values

Our Pillars & Values


At the core of Our Community is a community of men & women who want to make a difference

in their own lives and the lives of men & women everywhere. 


We are passionate about creating opportunities for all men & women to connect with other men & women who have the same or similar interests, build their self confidence whilst walking the path with each and every woman on the journey of Self-Love.  


Our philosophy is that ‘No Man or Woman has to do this Alone’

and we want to ‘Touch the Lives of Men & Women Everywhere‘.


The Foundation of our Community is built upon our Pillars and Values.  Each of these is integral to our Sacred Journey.  We Live & Breathe these Values and bring them to life in every interaction, every Community Event and every Tribe.


 Our Pillars

Community – Personal Empowerment – Sacred Feminine – Business Opportunity


Belonging – Our Community – Belonging is a basic human need.  It is as important to us as the need of food and water.  Connection and Community is the core of everything we do at SFC.  Our Community and Tribes give us a unique way to find others with similar interests and passions so that we, as men & women, can come together and share our unique voice with the world. 


Self Love – Personal Empowerment Our mission is to empower men & women to truly love themselves.            

We believe in uplifting everyone we come into contact with.  We offer opportunities and programs with a core theme of Upliftment, Empowerment and Growth.


Being – Sacred Feminine – Who we are being in any moment impacts everything and everyone in our lives.  SFC is about connecting to our sacred feminine. Reacquainting ourselves with our inner Goddess &  shining a light on the Divinity within ourselves and each other.


Opportunity – Business  Growth – Our Community is a Global platform where men & women can share their unique voice with the world.  We offer a way for men & women everywhere to embrace their gifts and share their wisdom, programs and business with others. We offer the opportunity to share your offerings with men & women everywhere.    


Our Pillars are our Direction and our Values are our Breath. We Live to bring them

to life in every Interaction, every Community Event and every Tribe.


Our Values 

  1.  FAITH

We have Faith in our belief that the Universe is always supporting and guiding our steps. Following the guidance as it shows up,  we have Faith in our capacity to be instruments in creating something wonderful. 

We also have the Faith in the goodness of everyone we encounter.



Our Sacred Community believes that by giving we receive. We give love and compassion to ourselves and with that we can give of our time and energy to others. We create events and tribes that feed our soul and by doing that we are feeding the soul of others.



One of the underlying needs of men & women all over the world is to experience Connection. Deeper Connections with ourselves, with each other and with Community. As Our Sacred Community believes that no men & women should have to be alone, we provide opportunities every day for all men & women to experience Connection in whatever way they desire. From chatting over coffee with members of a Local Tribe to Connecting with men & women online in our Global Communities, in every interaction we are building connection.


We offer total acceptance of Self and Others. No matter your upbringing, beliefs or orientation, we at SFC value everyone’s unique voice and contribution. We do not believe in judgement or condemnation, instead offer love, peace and acceptance to everyone we meet and in every interaction.

    5. SERVICE

To be in service is what gives our life meaning and has us feeling fulfilled.
We are in service to ourselves by acknowledging our needs, whether it is connection with others, uplifting ourselves  or reawakening our Sacred Femininity. We are in service of each other by holding space whenever it is needed, walking the same path with other men & women on our Journey of Self-Love and providing a helping hand when asked. When we can make a difference in the lives of others, we show up and shine in the world, and when doing this we are at our absolute best. We believe that when we come from a space of service and adding value to another woman’s life, we will be abundantly blessed and taken care of.


   6.  LOYALTY

We are loyal to our community. We do what we say and we have each others back. We celebrate our differences and always show respect. Knowing that we are held by others gives us permission to stand tall, make changes and take some calculated risks knowing that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

   7.  REASON

We look at everything through the lens of Reason. Coming from a position of “Is it reasonable?” and if we notice that we are being unreasonable, we then take responsibility. We are balanced and always ask “What is the need in this moment?”.

  8.   GROWTH

If we choose, we have the opportunity to learn something new every day and move beyond our limitations. We surround ourselves with other men & women who are also willing to be open to growing and learning. We support others in their journey by encouraging them to step up in our community as Tribe Hosts or Event Facilitators. We believe that together we can learn more and become more.



We believe that in order to live our dream life we must face our fears. With Courage and Support, we lean into the things that scare us so that we can move through them rather than being stopped by them. Our belief is that every person has something amazing to contribute, so we encourage men & women to move through their limiting beliefs so that they can shine brightly and bring their gifts to the world.


Fun, Joy, Light-hardheartedness, is at the core of everything we do, every event we host and every interaction we have. Laughter is the greatest medicine and the most gentle teacher. Being able to laugh at ourselves allows us to have fun and not be too serious. We bring a lightness to every interaction and others. Love and Laughter brings a healing ripple effect that makes our world a better place.

“We are not meant to move through this life alone but to find a Tribe of Loving

and Supportive Sisters to come together and share our stories,

extract our unique message and use our voices”

– Lori Ha