Feng Shui Home Evaluation

An online service to help you apply Feng Shui principles to your home and life, guiding you to balance your energies and achieve your goals in Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Happiness.

Ancestral Clearing

Ancestral Clearing is an energy medicine modality that helps us release unhealthy patterning from the past, including the effects of intergenerational trauma.

Online Marketing Analysis

Web to Wealth Marketing Provides Emotionally Intelligent Copywriting Services that Go Beyond AI-generated Content

4 week ReSet for Success Program

‘Embark On A Transformative 4-Week Journey, To Clarify Your Desires & Overcome Barriers. Receive Continuous Support, Resources & Daily Energetic Frequency Sessions.’

90 min Breakthrough Session

‘Tackle Your Major Challenges By Experiencing A 90-Minute Breakthrough Session, Including 5 Days Of Frequency Support For Accelerated Transformation, Providing Insight, Clarity, And Lasting Change.’

Intuitive Readings

Book an Intuitive Reading with Lyndal and Help Explore Some of the Questions That You’re Struggling With Finding the Answers To.

Laughter Yoga and Meditation

Self Awareness Self Compassion Confidence building Relationship building Health and Happiness

Psychic/Medium/ Intuitive and Channeled Readings

Enhance Your Self-Awareness And Assist You In Your Daily Life.

Confidence Builder

This audio/video series shows you how to boost your confidence in 3 Key Areas of Your Life

Awakening Your Soul Purpose

Embark on “Awakening to Your Soul Purpose” e-course, unlocking potential, finding fulfillment, and creating self-awareness on your life path.

Inner Light Activation Call

Align and Activate Your Soul’s Highest Path.

Personal Tapping Session

Tapping on meridian points relieves stress, anxiety, fear, sadness, anger and so much more. Tapping can also help to clear the mind so that new information can be accepted, processed and integrated.