Meet You In The Hot Tub

Magic Mike (MM) and I are sitting outside at the little round coffee table at the front of our house. It’s a gorgeous morning, sun at my back. Luna, our foster granddaughter – okay, she’s my daughter’s black Lab…. but that still counts – is exploring the front yard. Sipping our coffees, I tell MM about a dream I had during the night:

I’m wandering down a street of cafes and restaurants, going into some of the cafes, looking at the menus, checking out the look, ambience, feeling the vibe of each establishment. I walk into a restaurant that has a very elegant, high-end look, almost leaning into restaurant slash classy nightclub kind of feel. A lady, the hostess, welcomes me into the restaurant, saying “hello! Welcome! We’re so happy you’re here, let me show you around”.

She walks me through the restaurant, tables here for dining, a bar or two, some different areas for groups to relax and socialise. Strangely, we come upon an area where there are some hot tubs. Not cheap, nasty, or full of naked old men sleazy ones. No, these were classy and tastefully built in to the décor and the water looks golden. The hostess encourages me to feel the water. I dip my toe in and it feels perfectly warm. The hostess tells me that I can come here and get in a hot tub whenever I want. Then she tells me my friends have arrived and takes me to the meet them for dinner.

MM tells me that while I was telling him the story, it made him think of how the previous day I had told him about the Sacred Feminine Touch (SFT) community and the community Tribes. He says that he feels the dream is telling me that the SFT is a special place where I am welcome. That here I can find not only nourishment, social fun and connection, but comfort, as represented by the warm hot pools.

Most of the time MM has absolutely no idea what my dreams might mean, so I’m surprised at his clear interpretation! But I think he’s right! Yes, I think on it.

Just the night before I had told a friend about the SFT community and I said that I found this community very different to others. I told her that I like it because, although it may have a ‘hostess’, it’s not run by one person who is the giver of information, the main contributor; the guru. I don’t engage in communities where it feels like someone is advising me on how to live my life better, what I should be doing or thinking, regardless of whether that is the intent or not. Where I feel like a student, or worse, a sales opportunity. So yes, I am a sceptic and am extremely discerning (as opposed to judgmental!) in regards to where I will ‘dip my toe’.

So, I agree with MM. It’s a big thing for me. To come to the restaurant, to partake and contribute to the conversation where we can all equally partake and contribute. Where we can all be served up and give nourishment, friendship and fun, and yes, some Hot Pizza!!!! Where no one is trying to sell us the most expensive item on the menu, we can all access so many amazing free or inexpensive healing and empowering events. Where we can be part of the menu growing and evolving. Where we can all not only dip our toe into the comfort, warmth, support and energetic cleansing of the hot tubs, but, if we choose, get all in.

So, what about you?? What do you think?? How do you interpret my dream?? Are you going to dip your toe?? Are you going to get in?? I’ll meet you in the hot tub!!

Kristina Leone – speaker, teacher, healer, author and Director of Hot Pizza; a simple, fun, life-changing concept, stand-alone-story and workshops empowering women to stop accepting cold pizza and heat up their romantic, social and workplace relationships.

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