Masterclass Upgrade

90min Break Through Session & 5 Day Frequency Support with Jo Irwin

This healing will help you tap into your inner resources and strengths, giving you the confidence and power to move forward easily towards your desired outcomes. 

Beneficial for anyone  who is feeling stuck or blocked in any area of their life.

VALUE – AU$250
COST – AU$125

Life Blue Print with Sue Rumack

⭐️ Life Blueprint Next Steps:   Discovery Conversation ALL About YOU! (US$295)
⭐️ 45 Min Webinar: PTSD Victims: Erase Your Trauma Triggers (US$295)


Transformational Trauma Aware Coaching with Heidi Henyon

Be free of destructive patterns and behaviours that cause drama in your life
Freedom from Shame & Guilt
Stop the endless hamster wheel of thoughts that take you away from your magnificence
Create the life you can truly love


90 min Activate Alignment & Manifestation Activation Meditation with Janaki Mayhill

AA in a new way “Activate Alignment” Atunes, you into the highest version and frequency of yourself. It’s an INlightening life-changing experience that guides you on your clear path in your journey. Integrate your parts that are in conflict with each other and merge them into wholeness. Dissolving internal conflict brings forth harmony in your world. This process dissolves the layer between your conscious and unconscious mind. Expands you into a greater level of awareness giving you NEW clear vision and wisdom. (Value $555 Special offering $333)

The Manifestation Activation meditation is a guided visualization practice that helps individuals manifest their desires by aligning their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and energy with their goals. ($25)

VALUE -US$555 +$25
COST – US$333
SAVINGS -US$222 + $25

The Path to Freedom - 3 Day Workshop with Reshma Bhojwani

A 3-day workshop where you are introduced to the 5-pillar framework, which you can use to stop staying trapped in your unhappy life situation & create your own path to freedom and happiness with courage and confidence.

VALUE – US$299
COST – US$99

Money Clean Up & Coaching with Taga Iose

⭐️ Manifest-Action: Stress-Free Money Clean-up and Manifest 5 Day Challenge. (AU$88)
⭐️ Define Your NorthStar Guided workshop: (AU$120)
⭐️ 45 min Money Coaching Session with Taga: (AU$150)

COST – AU$35

Spiritual Clearing with Joyita Goswamy

In our clearing work, through the power of connecting to your own Higher Intelligence, we work to resolve those subconscious limitations so that you can experience greater freedom to be your authentic Divine Self & manifest the freedom & fullness of authentic living that Spirit is wanting to express through you.

COST – AU$20

EMAIL JOYITA HERE: joyita.goswamy@gmail.com

Foundations Of Conscious Creation with Jenn Rosner

Four 1-1 sessions
⭐️ 1st Session- create a vision for your life as well as actionable steps that you can do daily.
⭐️ 2nd Session – create a new set of values.
⭐️ 3rd and 4th Sessions- learn how to take control of your emotional state.

VALUE – US$1000
COST – US$250

EMAIL JENN HERE: jrosner33@gmail.com

The Beauty of The End Game with Natasha Sharma

Receive a chapter from the International Bestseller book “Wealth Codes – Scared Strategies For Abundance”. Natasha Sharma shares “The Beauty of The End Game – Finding Abundance Through Accepting Death”  


EMAIL NATASHA HERE: natasha@mind-bodyspeak.com

1 hour Counselling / Coaching Online with Jeffrey Glick

Identify and overcome the causes of mind and thoughts suffering. Free self from anxiety, depression and unhappiness. Repair relationships with family and friends.


CALL JEFFREY HERE: +61411321345

Create New Habits with Ease with Josette Diaz & Lisa DePamphilis

Do you find it hard to stick with a new habit you want so desperately to have?

The patterns we carry as habits  can go back to our childhood and back through our ancestry  as well.  It helps to know what ignites these patterns, yet, it does not always mean that since we have identified them that the habit will automatically switch off.  

Patterns are held in our belief system and once we access the belief that triggers the pattern we can then begin the process of shifting the pattern and igniting a new habit.  

In the workshop, Create New Habits with Ease, you will be shown a way to move through this process with ease and you continue on the journey of shifting your beliefs to match your values, you patterns that are asking you to see the correction(s) needed so that you can start living your life in the habits that support and guide you towards the person you have always wanted to be. 

COST –US$297