Welcome beautiful souls.

I am hoping you are having a wonderful day.

If you are here and reading this, know that you are already starting to create the life of your dreams. At least, you are searching within and that is a great start!

I would like to recommend you to stay in your space, connect with yourself first, before putting out any intent. If you do this, you will see amazing benefits in what you reap.

I was once there, chasing after other people’s vibrations. I realised it took me nowhere but to pain and I started to spin out of control. I was out of touch with Who I Am.

I don’t mean that if you stay in your space you will suddenly get to be the master of your life, but at least you will feel you can decide.

Allowing yourself to be in the space of space, permits you to connect with the real essence of I Am. And that is truly one of the greatest gifts in life.

When you come from this space, you can suddenly choose. You can choose how to speak, what to say, how to react. And that is a great representation of where you are in life- not so much regarding your outer world but more-so in regards to your inner feelings- your inner work.

The more you reflect, you let go of your thoughts, you ponder on your expectations and then release them all, the more you can be in a space of space. That space is wonderful! It is actually Who You Are.

So today, I would suggest for you to sit and rest. And once you have done that, go out there and manifest. Put your intention to the world and aspire for better, aspire for more.

But only after you have been grateful for what you have got!

Much love in your Journey, A. Reposted with Appreciation from Amanda Capelo

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