Loving Yourself Unconditionally


Unconditionally loving yourself is a profound act of self-acceptance and compassion. It involves embracing every aspect of your being, both the strengths and the perceived weaknesses, without judgment. It’s a dedication to treating yourself with kindness, understanding, and forgiveness, regardless of external circumstances or internal struggles.

Learning to love yourself unconditionally can lead to inner harmony, acceptance, self-forgiveness, and a solid relationship with you who are in this moment without exception. Being in right relationship with yourself requires boundaries, conscious choices, and the willingness to take part in radical self-care. Are you up for the challenge?

In a previous blog post, I wrote about some key aspects that define self-love. They encompass a wide range of traits and practices that helps you develop a positive and compassionate relationship with yourself.

Self-love is about recognizing your own worth, embracing your strengths and weaknesses, and treating yourself with kindness, respect, and understanding. This is what it takes to engage in radical self-care. While you may have what it takes to love yourself unconditionally, you may not actually take the time, for feel you have enough of it, to make it a priority. And so you may find yourself running yourself ragged, pushing through your to-do list that you go on autopilot and forget how to just “be”.

How Soon They Forget

This forgetfulness leads to unconscious choices that put your self-care on the backburner so you have time to meet the needs and expectations of others, subconsciously hoping that’s where you will find love and validation. When acceptance and approval from others becomes more of a priority, you neglect your own well-being.

When you judge yourself and how you lived your day based on productivity and performance, you succumb to perfectionism, not enough-ness, and lapse into a self-defeating pattern that wears down your self-esteem and forces you to grasp for a sense of belonging.

Unconditional self-love is an unwavering acknowledgement of your inherent worthiness, detached from the need for external validation or comparison. It goes beyond achievements, appearances, and societal expectations. It acknowledges that you are a complex, evolving individual deserving of love and respect simply because you exist.

Choosing Kindness

How do you think your life would be different if you put your well-being first? What would loving yourself unconditionally even look like? Perhaps you’d feel lighter, freer. Maybe you could breathe and sleep a little better. Your relationships might improve because you start giving from the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.

Kindness, respect, and understanding can go a long way. Especially when you can direct this toward yourself. It puts you in right relationship with yourself and allows you to engage in more authentic relationships.

Self-acceptance brings peace and contentment that there is nothing you actually have to do to prove yourself. It allows you to be who you truly are. You get to meet yourself where you are at and align your human nature and spiritual being to walk your path with integrity. It’s truly a practice of self-compassion. You might even like to take this quiz to see where you rate on the self-compassion scale. Beware of self-judgment and only use this as an exercise in raising your self -awareness so you can again make more conscious choices in how you treat yourself moving forward.

By taking the time to slow down, connect within you get to re-align with what best supports you in your self-love journey. Make yourself matter. You deserve love.

Restoring Harmony Within

Come back into harmony with your natural rhythm and experience the peace that comes from clearing away what no longer serves your Highest Good. There may be many things on your list and responsibilities that must be met, however does it serve the highest vision you have for yourself and your life? Consider what’s in your best interest and aim to meet those needs.

Sometimes it is useful to have others alongside you in your journey and forming a strong sense of community and connection. Consider joining one of these tribes:

The Path to Self-Esteem

Empowering You to Live Your Best Life

The Child Within

unconditionally loving yourself

Forgive yourself for any harm and self-defeating patterns that may have led to a lower sense of self, and recognize that you can now empower yourself to shine in your best light. As you start practicing self-love and self-compassion you begin to recognize it’s not about “self-improvement”. Rather, it’s about self-acceptance. And loving yourself unconditionally.

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