Love What’s In Front of You

Oftentimes we are stuck in the past. Reliving old memories, wondering if we could’ve or should’ve done things differently. And hanging onto emotional attachments to people, situations, conversations and so on. Sometimes it might be the future where we extend worry, concern, or work so hard to still have/do/be what we want. How much time do you actually spend in the present? To really see what and who you are and have right here, right now? Are you able to love what’s in front of you? The future is just ahead and you can bring love into that too. Heck, you can even extend love into the past. You can direct love wherever you want it to go, and fill yourself up with it and emanate love. Radiating joy and happiness, rather than fear and regret. Love is something you can do, be, and have. Gratitude for what you have, can do, and for who you are can help you elevate that even more.
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Love What’s In Front Of You

Instead of “looking”, try “seeing”. Allowing yourself to be present and aware, rather than seeking for something you think might be somewhere else. How many times have you looked for something only to realize it was right there in front of you? Or seen someone else do that? I can almost here you chuckling, hahaha. Regret is cultivated when we miss something in the here and now and later wish we had spent more time or paid more attention on what was right there in front of us, or close at hand. The present moment is where you have power and can choose what to tend to, where to place your attention, how to direct your time and energy and really prioritize you activities aligned with what you most value. It takes a little reflection, and you can make time for that as you pause and reset. That’s a very important step to take, and often. This helps ensure you are on the highest path, and living your best life. What do you love about your life right now? Can you name or list at least 5 things? What about ten? What are you most grateful for today? Is there anything that would appear on both lists? True gratitude can be experienced as love and love can be experienced as pure gratitude. Not just saying you are grateful, actually experiencing gratitude. Not just saying you love someone or something, actually experiencing that love. This helps align head and heart. It also gives you a clue as to whether you truly are thankful or truly love the object of your affection, or just think you do.

How to Love What’s In Front of You

  • See it. See the person. Really see.
  • Touch and embrace object/person.
  • Experience the feeling, fully. Let is rise up from within you and radiate this love.
  • Pay attention and deeply listen, without judgment, and without thinking about what you want to do/say.
  • Make time to be with that person or activity and really engage with them.
  • Express your gratitude.
  • Share what you love about that person/activity/object.
  • Smile.
Can you think of other ways? smile today One thing that is really great about love is that it can be seen as, “Lots Of Vital Energy”. This means that, as you cultivate love, you also expand your energy field to attract more of what you love and desire. It also gives you more energy, uplifting you to elevate your life to an integrated higher conscious model of living. Imagine what your future could look like then! About the Author Jennifer Regular is a Soul-Centred Empowerment Coach at Lighting the Path helping Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs find focus on their soul’s path and align with their Divine mission. Download your guide to living with passion and purpose here.

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