Our Angels

Angel Level Host Chat

Chat with another Host Live

Connect with another Host to organise a suitable time for a Live Chat about each other’s Tribes. Interview each other and discuss the benefits of your Tribes. Tech support will be provided, using restream and going live on multiple platforms.  A minimum of two weeks notice is required for promotional purposes.

Purple Optional Level

Participate in Panel Discussions

Share your passion & wisdom in our ongoing and numerous Panel Discussions by being a participant in the conversation. 
A wonderful opportunity to develop confidence in speaking.
These are organised every three months with more information provided in the Host Tribe.

Optional Level Pink

Facilitate Panel Discussions

Facilitate Panels on topics of your choice that are connected to your Tribe.
These are organised every three months with more information provided in the Host Tribe.

Optional Level Green

Interview guests for Shining the Light On Our Community

Would you like to have a live conversation with special guests about their passion and business? Develop your skills as an interviewer and connect with people from all over the globe. Also an opportunity to promote Sacred U and possibly bring in a new member & gain an affiliate referral.
Approx 45mins needed for each interview at time and day that you are available.

Angel Image

Business Suite Listings

Promote your Business, Services, Courses, Classes & Events in our Business Suite. 

Blue Optional Level

Facilitate Community Connections/Village Gatherings/Welcome Parties

Provide opportunities for our Members to gather and connect with other like-minded, heart-centred people.
Community Connections is for the greater Community including Facebook, LinkedIn and Meetup Members.
Village Gatherings is for all our current paid Members.
Welcome Parties are for our new Facebook Members.


Create Reels and Social Media Posts.

Do you enjoy creating reels or social media posts? 
Would you like to create some reels or posts about your Tribe and/or Sacred U? We will use them to promote throughout our Platforms.