Keeping Your Spirit Intact

keeping your spirit intact

The process of awakening can feel scary. It can be very expansive and take time to integrate new energies or re-calibrate when dormant energy becomes re-activated. Huge shifts in perception of reality- what you thought you knew to be true to what actually is appearing before you can leave one feeling discombobulated. Like it’s a world you no longer recognize. You might feel lost, wondering how to make sense of it all.

Without proper integration of changes, you could end up feeling very ungrounded. The process of awakening is a deeply sacred time. Thinking of it as sacred, rather than scary, can cultivate reverence, rather than fear. In these past few years we have had to integrate extreme changes. To avoid the danger of becoming dispirited, it’s important to proceed slowly and gently. Steady yourself along the way in a moment of pause and reflection. Too much action without reflection muddies the waters and causes agitation.  Rather,  allow the peace and serenity that comes from stillness.

keeping your spirit intact

In calm clear water, images are clearly reflected and there is a sense of calmness. Whereas in active waters, their can be much distortion and cause waves of fear and anxiety. Recognize that sometimes there’s a call to stop moving and just wait until things become clear again and equilibrium is restored. Great strength can come from this.

Gaining Spiritual Strength

To become spiritually strong, one becomes more solid. Stable. Feelings of safety and security support a structure of containment and offers a strong sense of peace and contentment. One feels more grounded and not easily thrown off balance. But how do we gather spiritual strength?

Recently Certified Life Coach and Psychic/Medium Allison Cotton lead a panel about the Spiritual Gym. Panellists shared practices for staying in tune with your natural rhythms and how to best regulate your energy. Nature was a favourite for restoring a strong sense of well-being and feeding the need for true connection with the world we live in. The earth is always there to support you. There’s a reason we call her “mother” earth. Lie down on the ground or the grass and you may even feel her heartbeat. Hug a tree and feel the comfort that brings.

Nature also awakens a sense of wonder and awe. Bringing together animals, plant-life, elements, and natural cycles that remind us how interconnected we all are. Unity can come through this wholeness, healing as we lean into the “all”. In unity there is also inner peace.

Keeping Your Spirit Intact

When someone is going through a major illness, the strength of their spirit often impacts the rate or probability of recovery. It gives us reassurance knowing a loved one has a “strong spirit” when given a terminal diagnosis for example, that would give them the strength to endure it. Faith is an important virtue when it comes to trusting the process. Soul care is essential for keeping your spirit intact.

Here is one spiritual wellness tool to strengthen your Being and help you feel more centred and empowered to better respond to what is happening in your life. It will help you cope with stress beyond the ability to simply manage, into a way of soaring above any self-imposed limitations.

Allow this spiritual wellness strategy to help you cultivate a new way of being with the world. C.O.P.E. is an apt name for it and goes like this:

C- Conscious Connection. Align with your higher self/higher power through meditation and prayer, or by way of oracle cards or some other divination tool. Connect with your creative source. Draw, colour, build, write, or paint. Any of this possibilities will shift your consciousness and help you access different parts of your brain. It also helps you more easily find you the solutions and answers you are looking for.

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O-“Only temporary”- accept this is just what is happening in your life right now. The more you can lean into it and be present with it, the easier it will be to move through it.

P-Pause-breathe into the space between tasks and create space between a demand and a response. In a world of instant gratification and communication brought in by technology, there has been a growing sense of urgency and hyper vigilance, don’t get sucked in! Give yourself a minute to pause, breathe, and process.

E-Enlist your support network- Connect with positive resources such as a mentor, counsellor, coach, or holistic practitioner who can guide you, offer new ways of looking at things, and help re-balance your energy.

With this, you can C.O.P.E. with anything!

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Jennifer RegularKnown as, The Soul Illuminator”, Jennifer Regular specializes in helping Changemakers activate their Soul Calling so they can embody who they came here to be and serve to uplift humanity and transform the world. She is an International Speaker, Author of Embrace Your Power: A Healing Journal of Self-Discovery, and Podcast Host. https://linktr.ee/lighting.the.path

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