How Did This Happen?

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Just a year ago in March 2021, I was utterly exhausted from my position as a Live-In Caregiver, unsure of how I was going to make it through to the end of my contract. I was not feeling supported and was uncertain about where I was going to live. How did this happen when everything seemed so perfect in the beginning?

What Was Going to Happen Next?

There was no real plan ahead. I just knew I had gone so far out of alignment with what fed my Soul and the kind of work that supported my true passions, values and interests. I had meaningful work and was earning a very good income, and living in a sought-after neighbourhood. But because I wasn’t living my full potential, my energy drained and I defaulted to using my acquired skills and sense of over-responsibility to just get by. I was reminded once again that “I can do anything, but I can’t do everything”, something productivity expert David Allen once said. Now a year later, I am living in an even better part of that sought-after neighbourhood, aligned with work I love sourced from my innate gifts, surrounded (albeit online) with a huge global community that circles and subcircles around each other to inspire, empower, and support one another. people sitting around table for discussion

How Did This Happen?

It happened because I became aware of what really going on. Accepting that having to “wait and see” was not for me, I knew I needed to take responsibility for my own life and the situation I was in. Acting in my best interest and trusting the best outcome of everyone involved was the next step. It also happened because I reached out for support. Posing the question to myself everyday, “what is the next safe step I can take to move me forward”. Recognizing I wasn’t feeling inspired or motivated while I recovered my body’s response to the exhaustion, I started engaging in the small recognition of where I felt inspiration, delight.  I even noticed the bursts of energy that came from reconnecting with the things that lit me up.

You Have to Recover Yourself to Be Yourself

  As I restored my vitality, boosted my energy, and found joy again, I brought back everything I truly cared about into alignment. I am absolutely amazed with where I am at now. Certainly not something I was able to picture at all one year ago! Each step on my path brought the picture in more clearly. I could start seeing what was on the horizon and feeling into how I wanted to be living my life. Took time to get clear on what kind of difference I wanted to make through my contribution to life. Then made the wholehearted commitment to devote my life to that. Incredible opportunities, connections, and community emerged. have faith and make it happen   One thing that kept me going was F.A.I.T.H.- finding answers in the heart. Your heart and soul hold the keys to living your ultimate life. One that is fulfilling, satisfying, and brings much joy and happiness. It just takes some adjustments to create that alignment and find your way on the right path. It also helps to have someone guide you along the way. Book a free discovery session to see what next safe step you can take to move you forward in living your best life.   About the Author Jennifer Regular is a Soul-Centred Empowerment Coach at Lighting the Path helping Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs find focus on their soul’s path and align with their vision to fulfill their mission. Get your Free Guide to Living with Passion and Purpose here.

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