What if you knew you are love? What if you believed you are healed?

What if you were to know that everything is going to be alright? That all the things that you want are already yours- love, happiness, health, connection?

What if all you had to do was seek inside, connect within and make sure you dedicated every day to making sure you keep your vibration high-high in love, happiness, health and connection?

What if you had to let go? Let go of your thoughts, conditioned behaviour and give it all to Source.

What if you had to surrender all your Life to the power of God? How would you live then?

What if you believed you are healed? Then what would you do? Would you risk your life and put it in petty hands or would you work to keep your vibration high- making sure you ate the right things, chose the best words, talked nicely to yourself and became an example of love for others? Would you go to fast food restaurants frequently and buy cheap, plastic stuff that’s polluting the environment?

What if you knew you are love? How would you act knowing this?

Times of crisis call for solutions.

The solution is time, my friends and that, what we all had so desperately been asking for in a technologically fast-paced world, has come! Your answers are here, your prayers have been answered, your wish is My command!

So, what are you waiting for?! You now have the time! The time to ponder and reflect, go within and change. Change those beliefs, those thoughts, those behaviours that aren’t serving you at all to maintain that higher vibration- one in connection with Source, with Love.

If time was the problem, you now have the solution. Will you find another excuse or will you use this period wisely?

Ask yourself these questions and reflect upon your answers.

This is a pledge for Humanity to go within, to search and find.

Find, find, find your answers, your true connection with Source- that Who You Are. And starting from there you can uplift your vibration, praise and love others and join forces with them in surrender to God.

We are all a piece in this puzzle, all a magical creation. Here for a Purpose.

Are you following yours or are you giving in into fear, the pandemic crisis, the “I’ve got no money” idea or “I’m just one more soul”?

YOU ARE VALUEABLE, my dear reader.

Much love to you all.

The Arcturians.


Reposted with Appreciation from Amanda Capelo

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