Mastering Boundaries as an Empath

empath boundaries


Being an empath is a beautiful gift, but it can also be overwhelming. Have you ever found yourself absorbing the emotions of others, feeling drained, or struggling to maintain your own emotional well-being? In this article, we will dive into the transformative power of mastering boundaries as an empath. Discover how to protect your energy, honour your sensitivity, and create space for your own emotional needs while still being compassionate towards others. Read on for tips for nurturing your emotional well-being.

What Makes Empaths So Special?


Sometimes, and particularly for empaths and those who are highly sensitive, one has a tendency to absorb the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others. For example, you may feel happy and content one minute, then if someone who is feeling angry can walks by you, you may suddenly feel tense and become irritable. To begin establishing inner peace, start noticing how you may be affected by the others moods and get to know yourself really well to be better able to discern what belongs to you, and what doesn’t.

Continuing to absorb the moods and emotions and others without creating effective boundaries, can easily lead to compassion fatigue and burn out as it did for me on more than one occasion, so it’s essential to tend to what your soul needs.

It’s also important to better understand what being an empath means. Common traits determined by the experts include being introverted (although some empaths can also be extroverted), highly intuitive, experience life so much more deeply than the average person. Empaths also tend to “love too much” and may make a lot of sacrifices in relationships because they have a keen understanding of the other person and what this other person needs.

When relating with other going through joys and pains, it feels like it’s part of your own experience. In other words, you don’t just feel for someone, you feel what they feel as they are feeling it.

What’s An Empath To Do?


If you are an Empath you may find yourself easily overloaded, and often needing space and quite time. You often experience nervous tension and as if frayed and fragmented. You don’t do well in crowds either. Where people find comfort in the company of other and lost when alone, Empaths are more likely to find peace in solitude.


As an Empath you would find nature particularly soothing and often prefer nature and animals over people.

Something else too, is that you are probably a very good listener and can hold space well for people, and find that people are pretty comfortable telling you their problems. We need to know our limits around this though. Conflicts are felt more intensely so there’s a tenancy to avoid them.

Nurturing Your Emotional Well-Being


So let’s consider what you need to feel more at ease. What do you need to feel safe? So you don’t feel invaded or imposed upon? Hiding from your true feelings, and fearing failure or rejection will amplify your need for protection.

What we can recognize is that boundaries are important for emotional and energetic balance. You just don’t want to be so boundaried that you can’t accept help.

Without boundaries you become a “sponge.” You can care, but don’t carry. How do you know when you may be carrying the emotions or burdens of others?

One clue is that you have a hard time forgiving, or may be feeling angry, cranky, irritable or tired when in the presence of certain people or even after just thinking about them. It could also be felt like an aversion to someone, somewhere, or something, or trying to avoid certain people. This could be coworkers, neighbours, friends, family members, or even people you don’t know crossing paths with you.

Where does your energy go? DECIDE where you would like to direct it. An energy leak is something that leaves you feeling drained. It can be a bad habit or behaviour, unnecessary worry, a relationship that takes and never gives back, and any time your obstacle gets the better of you. Energy leaks can also manifest as distractions or obsessive thoughts so even thinking about others and their drama/trauma can have a profound affect on your emotional well-being.

An Empath’s Guide to Boundaries


protect energy

The first step to transform stress into ease is to establish clear boundaries.

Establish healthy boundaries by being honest with your needs and truthfully saying “yes” or “no” in response to someone’s request. Really look at your motivation behind what you are saying yes to. Be conscious of “what you put out there” with your thoughts and attitudes as it will be exactly what you attract back to you.

In order to become strong and centred, you must strengthen your being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I’ll now share some ways to come back into harmony with your natural rhythms and experience the peace that comes from clearing away what no longer serves your Soul.

Downtime is REQUIRED to regroup, replenish. Give yourself a rest!

Stop as often as necessary to re-connect your energy. You must stay conscious of this process for it to work, especially when you interact with others. Allow more light into your being through visualization practice and intention and stay in a state of love. Remember, once you achieve this state of love, no-thing nor anyone can pull more energy from you than you can replace.

Boundaries Create Freedom


Boundaries also allow you to feel the freedom of being fully who you are. Make a conscious choice to be with others who bring out the best in you, and less time with those who bring out the worst. Those that bring out the worst are needed too, to show us our shadow parts and what still needs healing.

Who and what you invite into your space, will deeply impact how you stay focused on your path. Choose people, work conditions, and activities that are life supportive for you. Nourish your well-being physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Be sure to create sacred space within your home as well, to nurture your soul as you come back to centre. Ground yourself at your home base.

The goal here is to be able to connect from a greater place of love, presence, self-respect, and compassion, By following these suggestions you build the capacity to do that.

Get to know yourself and your limits. Start noticing when you start feeling drained, heavy, tired, cross-eyed or even when you start feeling irritable to frustrated. Honour yourself by giving some space. Breathe, take a break, take a walk, or go rest for a bit.

Embrace Your Empathic Gifts



I trust this has given your some inspiration and guidance to start aligning with a soul-led life. Honour your gift of being an Empath and no longer allow it to be a burden. Use this gift to empower your life and the way you can support others because of it.

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