Divine Alignment

divine alignment
The world seems pretty chaotic right now. Enough to throw anyone off balance and news that can be so distracting and alarming that it can veer you off track and upset your whole being. That’s why it is so important to find and engage in practices that strengthen you Being. Doing so increases your capacity to hold it all, without being overburdened by it. This article points you in the direction of Divine Alignment- regenerating through conscious connection. As spiritual beings, spiritual wellness is key to establish a strong sense of self and is an excellent place to start. We live multi-sensory lives as humans, and with so much constantly coming through each of our senses, it’s very easy to get overloaded. Ironically, when feeling overloaded, many recognize how tired they are, yet look for ways to have more energy or more caffeine as an antidote. When in fact, this only adds to the frenzied and frenetic activity, and moves you further away from peace.

Making Conscious Choices

I’m curious, if you were actually given a choice between having more rest or more energy, which would you choose in your current state? Why? What value would that add to your life? Both rest, and h energy and vitality are important and valuable, and it’s essential to know how much of each you need so you can restore and maintain balance. intuition It’s not helpful or healthy to be “on” all the time. Think of what happens if you left your car battery on the engine running. What if you left the lights on, never turning them off? How do you think your personal operating system (body) would fare leaving it on all the time? Divine Alignment through conscious connection supports your whole being. It allows you to remember who you really are and reclaim your spiritual sovereignty. You return to the ultimate source for your energy and regenerate from a space of inspiration, peace, and grace. Then you get to embody this and re-emerge in a nice flow where you can more easily engage with the world without attachments to thoughts, beliefs, or judgments. You allow things to come to you, rather than having to always be in pursuit which can feel like you’re pushing, rushing or under pressure. This human growth process of self-development teaches you how to let go, let it flow, and let it grow. What will you choose to grow? More anger and chaos, or more peace and harmony? let go flow

Divine Alignment

7 Ways to Regenerate Through Conscious Connection:
  1. Be still and know.
  2. Practice closing your eyes (or resting them with an eye pillow) and turn your focus inward.
  3. Ask your Soul what it needs from you and how it would like to direct you.
  4. Pray for the kind of support or answers you need.
  5. Meditate. Here are some suggested ways to do that if you don’t already have a familiar practice.
  6. Be in nature and take it in through all of your senses.
  7. Mindful movement and centering poses, such as those offered by qigong or yoga.
nature john burroughs
One of my favourite quotes and reminders
Jennifer RegularBlog Contributor:  Known as, “The Soul Illuminator”, Jennifer Regular specializes in helping Thought Leaders, Creatives and Visionaries direct the life they live so they can create global impact, make the impossible possible, and fulfill their life mission. She is an International Speaker, Author of Embrace Your Power: A Healing Journal of Self-Discovery, and the Host of Wise Woman Wednesdays and the Wisdom Speakers & Seekers Podcast. www.lightingthepath.ca

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