Creating Divine Alignment

divine alignment

Creating Divine alignment suggests we approach life and business through our Multi-dimensional Self.

It is so important to find and engage in practices that strengthen your whole Being. Doing so increases your capacity to “hold it all”, without being overburdened by it. Meaning, we give rise to love and compassion to embrace all that we are experiencing in the world, the people around us, and what is going on within us.

Compassionate Living

We grow and evolve as we deepen our sense of self and how we wish to interact in the physical reality, while tending to our spiritual nature as well. As multi-sensory beings living multi-dimensional lives, we need to be aware of how and what we consume, and how we may be digesting all of that.

Begin making choices that move you in the direction of Divine Alignment. One way is to regenerate through conscious connection. As Sylvia Salow says, “As we’re collectively awakening, we shift our consciousness and the frequency of our light bodies, which allows us to be aware of the multidimensional self.”


In the Business World

It can be easy to follow your intuition regarding a certain relationship or event when it comes to your personal life. However, it can be much more difficult to trust your intuition regarding your business or career. You should listen to it in this situation because it is more important than ever in the business world!

If you think a product being supplied isn’t up to standards or have a weird feeling about a business deal, your intuition is probably telling you that something isn’t right! If you don’t speak up or trust your intuition, it could cost your job, career, or even your business!

Have you ever just had a feeling that you needed to do or create something specific? This feeling is your creative intuition trying to lead you in the right direction. It pulls information from all other forms of intuition to help you make creative decisions that are best for you and your success.


Listen to your intuition when it tries to lead you somewhere. Follow the direction of your Soul. It always knows what’s best for you and takes you along the highest path. At the very least, trust your intuition regarding people’s intentions, things that seem too good to be true, and when making business decisions. These three situations are where you may not see the problem any other way, and the results can be the most disastrous.

One woman Allison Cotton, really takes these issues to heart and has made it her life and business to help others navigate their business through their multi-dimensional selves.

Allison Cotton is a grounded and down-to-earth “WooWoo” woman with a big heart and a delightful blend of seriousness and humour who has done (and continues to do!) a lot of her own healing and de-conditioning work.

She is the embodiment of herself, with an ability to educate and empower women creating sacred space to unpack their truth and learn to trust their own inner guidance and have the courage to take active steps because they know they are worthy.

Being an oracle of the “in-between”, Allison is able to see the energetics of the words in a conversation.

And, in her infinite wisdom, she knows that as you rise, you re-calibrate to the truth of who you are as a manifestation of your strength while undergoing cellular transformation.

In a recent episode of Wise Woman Wednesdays, Allison shares:

🌠How to become an energetic match to what you desire and vision for your life

🌠Tips to navigate your business through your multi-dimensional self

🌠Recognizing your business as an expression of your Soul’s light

🌠How to operate in this world as a Spiritual and Energetic Being

🌠Leading with your inner guidance

🌠The importance of being congruent

🌠Her gifts of Light Language, Human Design, and what she calls, “The spiritual version of Google”- a.k.a. the Akashic Records.

   Watch it hereAllison Cotton.





The most important thing to remember is, when you are divinely aligned you flow with grace and ease and truly thrive, without having to struggle to survive. Show up in the fullness of who you are. There is no need to limit yourself in any way. Recognize your expansive beingness and merge with the greatest version of you.

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Jennifer RegularKnown as, “The Soul Illuminator”, Jennifer Regular specializes in helping Thought Leaders, Creatives and Visionaries direct the life they live so they can create global impact, make the impossible possible, and fulfill their life mission. She is an International Speaker, Author of Embrace Your Power: A Healing Journal of Self-Discovery, and Podcast Host. https://linktr.ee/lighting.the.path

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