Creating the Conditions for Success


Are you experiencing mental chaos or exhaustion? “It’s not personal, it’s structural!” says Jenn Rosner, a Magnetic Mind Coach based in Los Angeles, CA.

Stand Out

We often make an attempt to fit in with people and our environment because that seems to be the most effective way to move forward. Don’t worry about fitting in, embrace the parts of you that make you stand out. Don’t be afraid to stick your head above the parapet. You don’t have to change the person you are to become a success, you need only embrace more of what makes you the person you are.

Dr. Suess

Creating the Conditions for Success

Two key strategies to consider when creating the conditions for success are writing your mission statement, and using the law of attraction, consciously.

Your Mission Statement

Every business starts out by writing a mission statement and there is no reason that individuals shouldn’t do the same. It isn’t about what other people think of your mission statement, rather it’s about creating a clear and concise message about what you stand for, who you are, and how that brings your purpose into focus in your life.

The formula for creating a good mission statement is to consider the value you have or want to create, plus the why behind what you do, as well as your expected outcome. For example, I use my love of words to inspire people to open their minds and think differently.

As a tool, your mission statement can provide you with a clear path to success and it gives you a template for saying no to anything that may be a distraction.

Conscious Law of Attraction

law of attraction

You have the ability to create and influence your own life. As a conscious creator you provide yourself the structure and motivation to support the kind of life you want to be living. At least that’s what Jenn Rosner, host of the SacredU Tribe Conscious Law of Attraction discovered along her journey of self-discovery.

Jenn has spent most of her life afraid, living in the shadows, hiding, existing instead of living. She was always at war with herself which created lots of mental chaos, and exhaustion This led her journey of self-discovery and healing, through therapy, energy work, belief clearing self-improvement books, courses, and schooling, but through all of that, she still felt like there was something fundamentally wrong with her. It wasn’t until she found the conscious law of attraction that she finally let go of the idea that she was broken. Now her mission is to help others let go of the limitations, ideas, and beliefs that are holding them back from reaching their fullest potential and becoming the best version of themselves.

Recently I interviewed her on Wise Woman Wednesdays where we she asserts, “You’re Not Broken”. Watch this video where we discuss:

  • How success is structural
  • The perpetual cycle created by undefined structures
  • Creating a new identity
  • Conditioning yourself to feel safe
  • What you need to move from point A to B
  • Embodying who you are as a Conscious Creator
  • The 4 Core Orientation Choices
  • Establishing a morning routine to set you up for success
  • What key question to ask yourself to keep moving forward
  • How to discern the truth
  • Self-compassion to heal the inner critic
Jenn Rosner youtube
click on image to watch

Blog Contributor

Known as, “The Soul Illuminator”, Jennifer Regular specializes in helping Thought Leaders, Creatives and Visionaries direct the life they live so they can create global impact, make the impossible possible, and fulfill their life mission. She is an International Speaker, Author of Embrace Your Power: A Healing Journal of Self-Discovery, and Podcast Host. https://linktr.ee/lighting.the.path

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