Career Astrology Profile 1 – The Amazing Reshma Bhojwani

Reshma Bhojwani
Many business owners often wonder if they have chosen the right career path. By exploring the birth chart, including the career sector, we can gain a personal overview and clarity of direction. In this blog post, we take a brief look at Reshma’s birth chart to discover who she is and how her business relates to her chart (career astrology). Reshma Bhojwani is a wholehearted entrepreneur and published author living in the US. She is originally from India and has lived in Iran, so she has been exposed to various cultures and life experiences. Reshma has completed her Bachelor of Psychology and Masters in Computer Management, as well as her MBA. She has written a book – Pandemic Budgeting & Finances: How to Use Piggy Banks and Stop Counting Sheep and is a coach who runs the Flourish with Freedom tribe in the Sacred U community. The elemental distribution in Reshma’s chart indicates that she will feel deeply and have the ability to get very fired up about things she is passionate about. Her modality distribution indicates that she has the ability to follow through on whatever she starts. However, she may get stuck at times. Reshma will also have the ability to initiate projects. Flexibility, however, won’t be her strong suit. Reshma is someone who will complete what she starts but may find it hard to change direction once she sets a course. Reshma has almost all of her planets in the bottom sector of her chart. This makes her an extremely private person. The placement of the planets indicates that she may have been heavily influenced by what others thought of her from a young age. There is an emphasis on the fourth and fifth houses of her chart, indicating that her lessons in life will be learned through the areas of home and family, her parents children, creativity and self-expression. Any or all of these areas may bring challenges throughout her life. The group of planets in the sign of Scorpio (including her Sun) indicates a strong need for control. With another group of planets in the sign of Libra (including her Moon), Reshma will need to share experiences with another. In fact, joint projects will be good for her. Having fun is also important for Reshma.  Our Rising Sign is how others see us. With Gemini Rising, Reshma will be seen as someone who is changeable, adaptable and interested in many things. However, as previously mentioned, due to her modality combination, she probably won’t be as flexible as she comes across. Gemini likes to explore things on a surface level, but isn’t particularly comfortable going deep. With five planets in Scorpio, Reshma will have a need to explore things on a deep level and may even be quite intense at times. Again, this is not something that we easily see. This gives Reshma the ability to draw people in through her friendly persona and then give them a much deeper experience than they anticipate. Reshma’s career house is ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter’s placement indicates the need to bring fun into her work. Jupiter is also the planet of teaching, growth and expansion. Teaching others to grow and claim freedom is very much in alignment with her Jupiter. It sits next to Mercury, so writing and speaking is also represented here. (Reshma has already written one book and has plans for more). The location of Neptune indicates that Reshma has the ability to be of service through mentoring others. Neptune sits near a retrograde Venus, which suggests helping others with self-worth issues could be a big part of her work. Chiron, the wounded healer, sits in Reshma’s career house. This indicates that she calls on her own past experiences in order to help others heal. With the North Node in the same sign as the one on her career house, Reshma’s vocation will help with her own soul growth.  What Reshma had to say – ” I love this. It truely feels very aligned with who I am, my calling and where I am headed. A validation that I am on the right path. Thank you so much Kim. I greatly appreciate it”. If you would like to explore more about Our Sacred Community and Reshma’s tribe (Flourish with Freedom) just click on the link – https://sacredu.love/community-membership//?ref=43

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