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Discover high quality, custom business application and training solutions designed to help small organizations thrive. From identifying needs to implementation and ongoing support, Solutions From A To Z offers a comprehensive range of services.

Specializing in software solutions such as web and mobile applications, system and data integration, process automation, and more. Partner with us to drive growth and achieve success in the digital era.

About Tanya Adamkewicz

Tanya Adamkewicz is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in implementing extensive government IT solutions. Throughout her career, she observed a recurring pattern of repetitive tasks and processes. Motivated to address this inefficiency, Tanya embarked on a journey to design software solutions that could be utilized by any organization to develop customized applications aligned with their specific business requirements.

As Tanya ventured into building websites for small enterprises, she discovered her passion for assisting compassionate and purpose-driven entrepreneurs in achieving success through the power of information technology. It brings her immense joy to utilize her expertise in a way that not only aligns with her skills but also creates a positive and meaningful impact in the world. Tanya takes pride in her ability to make a difference while doing what she loves.


⭐️Programming & System Analysis Diploma | Praxis Training Institute | Sep 1998 – Apr 1999

⭐️Bachelor of Education Degree | University of Alberta | Sep 1988 – Dec 1992


“Tanya is a highly skilled business and technology professional with a proven track record of quickly learning new technologies, solving complex problems, and delivering outstanding results. Her ability to work effectively with clients and colleagues, combined with her excellent communication skills, make her an invaluable asset to any team. With a focus on leveraging IT to solve problems, particularly through software solutions, Tanya is the ideal partner for any organization looking to drive innovation and achieve success in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

~ Pat Golec, Chief Delivery Officer

“Tanya has been such a blessing to work with for my website and technical aspects of my company. I am in awe at her ability to organize and structure the processes so that nothing gets missed and things run smoothly. As an entrepreneur, having someone you can count on to get the work done properly and efficiently is so important and Tanya is reliable, thorough and detailed so she checks off all the boxes. I highly recommend working with Tanya if you have a website to build required automation or technical related services. You will not be disappointed.”

~ DeeAnne Riendeau, Spiritual Mentor

“I’m so very grateful for Tanya’s help with getting my membership site up and running. She was super knowledgeable and had a determined ‘can do’ attitude. A challenging task it was, though she was able to find a way to make it work on my rather complex platform.”

~ Jo Anne Irwin, Wellness Coach

“I have worked with Tanya for many years, and she has proven to be an excellent systems architect and developer. She saved my butt a couple of times with her insightful knowledge and work. Highly recommended!”

~ Ron Manke, President