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Pamela Cummins

Pamela Cummins

Pamela Cummins’ business consists of services and products to help you understand your dream meanings and accelerate your personal growth. How? She realizes everyone’s journey is unique and has different offerings.

Some people want to know what their dream means or have their questions answered.

Pamela’s services offers the following:

⭐️ In-depth dream interpretation by email
 ⭐️Psychic readings by email
⭐️ One-Hour session by Zoom 

Meanwhile, if YOU desire to learn dream interpretation and/or tap into their psychic abilities. Her coaching is perfect for you!
Coaching package of 3 sessions 

For those who like to do it themselves, you have a choice of the following products:

✨ Oracle decks
✨ Meditations
✨ Audio courses

Read Pamela’s blogs and articles, and listen to or watch her media interviews. Plus, get a free gift package.

Whatever offers you choose, Pamela has been told her presence is naturally therapeutic and she has helped them on their journey.

‘There is no final destination when it comes to personal growth; therefore, enjoy the ups and downs of the journey.
– Pamela Cummins’ quote from her book Personal Growth Affirmations

About Pamela Cummins

Pamela Cummins has been interpreting dreams for thirty years and doing psychic readings for over twenty-five years. Her personal and spiritual growth journey began in 1989, where she quickly learned how important her nighttime dreams were to her healing. A therapist taught her how to interpret until the dreams became too woo-woo for the therapist. Those woo-woo dreams helped Pamela’s psychic gifts return.

Today, Pamela is a teacher, expert dream interpreter, spiritual growth coach, and psychic. She is an author of books and oracle cards on the topics of dream interpretation, spirituality, personal growth, and relationships. She is a sought out guest for podcasts, radio shows, and video interviews. Her articles have been published by numerous publications.

She is always learning and going deeper into spirituality. She plans on working on her personal and spiritual growth until her deathbed and beyond…


Pamela is also the Host of  Mystical Dream Interpretation Tribe


~ Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist – 1993
~ Certified in Energy Work, Process-Oriented Bodywork, Body/Mind Counseling, and Massage therapy – 1994
~ Ordained as an Interfaith Spiritualist Minister – 2001.
~ Certified Lenormand Reader – March 2022.



“Wow, Pamela. I am floored. This is incredible. You are truly gifted. I feel like I need weekly check-ins with you. I’m speechless. You are one of a kind. Thank you SO much!”

~Natalie S., Washington, DC

“Pamela is funny and engages her students to participate. She takes breaks and makes sure to see if you have any questions. Pamela told us that everyone has their own meaning for things that they see in their dreams. If you see a snake in your dream that meaning for you is different than the meaning it has for someone else. If you really like snakes the meaning for you is a good one but if someone is scared of snakes the meaning for them will be very different. I really enjoyed her classes and I hope that she has more of them.”
~Lisa, PA

“Thanks a million for your coaching! You presented the lesson & information so well. It was so helpful! I feel so much better.”
~Christine, New Jersey

“Just an amazing reading and words I needed to hear. I love music lyrics that spirit provides. Thank you, thank you!”
~Janet, New York