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Muscle Tuners International Inc.


Our mission is to empower every body therapist and health & wellness provider to make immediately measurable changes for their clients with less effort by using an unconventional approach. Muscle Tuners International Inc. offers training, licensing and mentoring to become a Muscle Tuner® Specialist and currently has customers in eight countries. We fulfill your desire to develop confidence and freedom to live with less weakness and pain and more ease, strength and flexibility by using the Muscle Tuning™ system.


Denise Cambiotti, the Founder/Owner of Muscle Tuners International has additionally achieved internationally recognized certifications to teach basic-to-advanced workshops. She has distilled and synthesized information from all her education and clinical experience to create new proprietary processes that form the Muscle Tuner® Specialist Program. She is often told her system is revolutionary. She believes you can become proficient and reliably provide positive outcomes for at least 75% of your clients who do not suffer significant neurological challenges with just 24 hours of online study. (Her ‘secret’ expectation is for 100% of your clients to notice long-lasting positive changes in their very first session.)


Denise has a clear and concise delivery style derived from more than 20 years of experience in teaching students how to instantly strengthen muscles, improve physical function and reduce pain. She generously shares her wisdom and experience to those who attend her programs and students regularly compliment her on her authentic and caring nature. Allow Denise to help you fulfill your desire of helping yourself and your clients to live with greater ease, strength and flexibility.

About Denise Cambiotti

Denise Cambiotti is highly regarded in the field of holistic health and wellness because of her expertise Muscle Tuning™. She has dedicated her career to making measurable differences in people’s lives by unconventional means. She trains, mentors and empowers those who work in wellness fields to accomplish more with less effort by applying the Muscle Tuning™ system. She also has a deep appreciation for the world of subtle energy and frequency healing and has significant training in these types of modalities that make profound shifts in her clients lives with ease and grace.



⭐ CERTIFICATIONS TO TEACH: Stress Indicator Point System Level 3 – SIPS Kinesiology Pty, 2023
⭐ Stress Indicator Point System, Body Alignment Proprioception, 2016
⭐ Stress Indicator Point System, Level 1&2, 2016
⭐ GEMS Flow & GEMS Business –
GEMS College of Energy Medicine , 2016
⭐ Holographic Sound Essence Balancing-
Kinesiology College of Canada, 2015
⭐ Circuits Alive (Vibrational approach to balancing the meridians, chakras and auric fields in 3 dimensions.), 2011
⭐ Chakra Sound Essences, 2002
⭐ Agape Quest – Applied Physiology Institute, 2010
⭐ Attitudes with Essence, 2010
⭐ Seven Element Figure 8’s, 2010
⭐ 7 Chi Keys, 2010
⭐ Brain Formatting – NK Institute, 2003
⭐ Tibetan Energy – Topping International Institute, 2002
⭐ Stress Release Made Easy, 2002
⭐Touch for Health, 2002
⭐ Muscle-testing for laypersons and wellness professionals to support physical, emotional and nutritional wellness for themselves and clients.



“I found the Muscle Tuner® Specialist Program suited my professional needs. The series of videos and assignments were well done, very clear, and presented at the right pace so that I could follow all the techniques as they were demonstrated. This program offers a thorough system to pick up on subtle imbalances that could be missed in a traditional physiotherapy session. I like that we can also affect neurological connections and reflexes that indirectly improve general health.”
~Simone Manfredi, BScPT


“Everything has been so easy to use and follow. Love that you can go back and re-watch anything that you may have missed or need extra help with. I also really enjoy your optional Group Coaching as a way to air questions that we might have. It’s similar to the Private Facebook group, but being live just gives us a chance to get to know our peer group.”
~ Denise Armenio


I really enjoyed the whole course – especially having access to you and all your knowledge. You are amazing! I’m feeling encouraged, confident and excited as I take my first steps towards building a client base. – Laurie Peel I met Denise and was incredibly skeptical about what she did and how she did it. She demonstrated her skill during a networking event and it was one of those ‘mind blown’ experiences!
~ Joe da Silva


“Three words to describe my experience? Interesting. Fun. Game Changing! Not only was this a great anatomy review, I now have many more tools in my tool box to assist my clients during a massage!”
~ Melissa Miller, RMT


“I am happy to see all of the support that you are offering. The smoothness of the introductory module relieved any concerns about how the following modules will function.”
~Jean Oberstadt


“I love the ability to market myself in a more effective, easy to understand method. I love the support from the company too – thank you!!”
~ Alison Zeidler


“This program is great in providing clear directions / photos of muscle testing. I absolutely love your DTR and DEAR techniques. They are worth the cost. Denise is super organized and concise in putting materials together for instruction and reference. I have also taken the Tuning with Surrogates class and it exceeded my expectations.”
~ Heather Rogers


“Your demonstration of one of your techniques at our national conference regarding the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia was great! I use that technique a few times a week and the results are excellent. I’ve never had a technique to work with fascia, tendons, ligaments before. Many happy people are now out of pain and it’s because of you…”
~ C. Frank


“Denise is one of the great cheerleaders for modalities that utilize muscle-testing and has done so much for the growth and awareness of this profession. She is also the consummate professional…both as a practitioner and an instructor. With her desire to always learn more and expand her horizons, Denise brings a deep knowledge and understanding to her teaching – and presents it in a manner that makes it easy for the student to absorb and learn. What else can you ask for in an instructor? A dynamic, knowledgable, easy to understand instructor who makes learning exciting and fun!”
~ Adam Lehman, En.K. Director – Institute of BioEnergetic Arts & Sciences Developer – Holographic Touch for Health, Integrative Wellness Facilitator Training