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Lighting The Path


Have you felt purpose-driven from a young age? Someone who has so much passion for so many different interests and ideas that you start on many projects only to get overwhelmed by it all? Sure you are genuinely excited about this new idea, but then become anxious about whether you could really pull it off. Or maybe you get so focused that you spread yourself thin not knowing when to stop until you’ve burned yourself out. Sound familiar?

I know because I’ve been there too! Constantly shifting to be in alignment and needing help to stay focused, move in a clear direction and take consistent action. I learned to take inspired action rather than being motivated by the fear of not getting everything done. This especially works for those who feel there is something “more” they are meant to be doing and appreciate thought leadership, global impact and desires to uplift humanity and raise the vibration of the planet.

Lighting the Path through courses, workshops, podcasts, and summits guides you into alignment with what you are most passionate about so you can share your gifts of wisdom and direct your energy to really make a difference. I also teach Soul Care so you can recharge your batteries as needed and tune into your intuitive knowing so you can learn to trust what you know you are capable of.

Become who you came here to be, doing what you came here to do by directing your life on your soul’s highest path. Together we will ACTivate your potential and harness the power of purpose in a new life direction. Let’s connect and explore what steps will lead you on the path of experiencing life on a deeper, more vital level.
Ready to fulfil your destiny?

About Jennifer Regular

JENNIFER REGULAR is known as a “Soul Illuminator” and is the Creator of Lighting the Path, a company dedicated to helping business leaders, visionary entrepreneurs and conscious organizations make a positive impact in the world. Jennifer is a Wellness Consultant and Spiritual Guide that specializes in helping you:

1. Learn proven techniques to reduce stress and overwhelm.
2. Implement empowering practices that increase wellbeing, inspiration and creativity.
3. Illuminate your unique purpose and path of positive impact.
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🌟 B.A, Honours Psychology 1997
🌟 Shamanic Practitioner 2006-present
🌟 Master Integrated Energy Therapist 2007-Present
🌟 Visionary of the Wake Up and Change the World Global Summit- 2023
🌟 Podcast Host 2021-Present


Jennifer is a highly insightful and heart-centered podcasting leader whose coaching is making an important impact. I was privileged to be a guest on her show and she asked such great questions, she got me to reveal more about my book than I normally would! Speaking with Jennifer is very calming and inspiring, I recommend her highly.
– Robin O’Donovan

“I was a guest on Jennifer’s Wisdom Speakers and Seekers Podcast and had a lovely experience. As a podcaster, Jen makes it as easy as sitting at the kitchen table sharing thoughts, insights, and ideas. Her soulful energy and passion to help women find their purpose is palpable. Jen made it easy to share my experience helping women recover from exhaustion, overwhelm and burnout as we discussed strategies and the importance of helping women get healthy in mind, body and spirit.”
– Dr. Peggy Gleason

“Jennifer is an incredible empathic and talented intuitive guide to the truth of your soul. I am so grateful for the wisdom that she shared on my podcast and the most positive energy she emanates for all those light workers in the world.”
– Daniel John Hanneman

 “I’ve been a guest on Jennifer’s fabulous podcast, Wise Woman Wednesdays. She is a great host, providing a clear space to engage at the deepest levels. On the other side, Jennifer was an inspiring guest on my Wisdom Talk Radio podcast. She delivers such value because she understands what it takes to deepen the spiritual life journey.”
– Laurie Seymour

I had the pleasure of being on several panel discussions as a peer and a facilitator with Jennifer. She always has something highly relative to say that really addresses the heart of the matter. Jennifer can give examples that people understand and relate to. One of her special gifts is providing easy ways to remind yourself of the tool she is teaching. The amount of wisdom that Jennifer shares is on point and useful to the audience every time. All of these wonderful traits that I have been lucky enough to experience and witness make Jennifer a unique and gifted coach, teacher, facilitator, host and panel expert. I highly recommend Jennifer Regular for any venture she is pursuing. She is a complete delight!”
– Josette Diaz

“Jennifer has definitely found her purpose! I have had numerous sessions with her and have had some profound insights while under her guidance. I’ll never forget my first time seeing her and how relaxed and focused I became. Thanks Jennifer!”
– Barb Zarnke

“Jennifer quickly and intuitively gets to the heart of an issue. She offers insight and direction that simply makes sense. Jennifer is compassionate and I feel completely safe and calm during her sessions. She helps to clear pathways that will open doors to new opportunities and growth and gives suggestions that ensure those feelings stay with you.”
– Sue Regier