Elizabeth Kipp Stress Management, LLC

Guiding you to unleash your healing power!

Elizabeth Kipp Stress Management, LLC

I help people with any kind of chronic pain – physical, emotional, spiritual – release the grip it has on them.
I guide people to unleash their own healing power using stress management tools, the principles of trauma-informed and yoga-informed addiction recovery, and Ancestral Clearing.


Elizabeth Kipp is a Stress Management and Historical Trauma Specialist who uses Trauma-Trained and Yoga-Informed Addiction Recovery Coaching, Ancestral Clearing®, Compassionate Inquiry, and Yoga to help people with their healing.

Elizabeth healed from over 40 years of chronic pain, including anxiety, panic attacks, and addiction. She now guides others to unleash their healing power, find freedom from suffering, and live a thriving life.

She is the best-selling author of “The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power.”




Historical Trauma Specialist – Levels 1-6 Dec ’22
Ancestral Clearing® Practitioner Training, Level 3 – Nov ’21
Ancestral Clearing Practitioner Training, Levels 1 & 2 – 2014
with recertification in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2020
Compassionate Inquiry Online Professional Training – ’22
Hour Radiant Body Yoga Teacher Training – Mar ’23
Collective Resilience Trauma-Informed
Yoga Teacher Training – Oct ’21
Trauma-Informed Yoga & Somatic Basics  – Sept ’21
Applied Polyvagal Theory and Yoga – Feb ’21
Post-Betrayal Transformation Coach (PBT Institute) – ’20
Sattva Yoga Academy  (Level 2)
12-Step Recovery (Y12SR) Space Holder Leadership Certification – May ’20
Yoga-Informed Recovery Coach Training Level 1
(Recovery 2.0) – Sept ’19
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level  1&2
Bi-Lateral EFT/Tapping Practitioner – 2014


“I participated in Elizabeth’s Healing Chronic Pain Recovery Online Coaching program and found it very informative. She has shown us a lot of ways to calm down our overactive nervous system and showed us how to interact with our pain – how to be a neutral observer and how to really accept what is going on without resistance. She also responded very quickly to any questions I had about the programme or the book she wrote. I highly recommend this course. Thank you, Elizabeth!”

– Dr. Spela Krajnc, MD, Slovenia


“Thank you so much!! I really appreciate all your care, knowledge, seasoned skill, and creativity. Each session with you has been wonderful, effective, and exactly what I needed.
Thank you for being available to work with me! You are a blessing in my life and one of the best practitioners out of the many I have worked with.” Gratitude and love,
-Laurel Anderson-Rostami, MA, ABS, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Montana


I highly recommend Elizabeth Kipp’s service for Ancestral Clearing and other much-needed guidance with chronic pain (of any kind) and other key issues common in recovery.
She is a spiritual healer (with a great science background). Incredibly gifted!
– Jill Rathburn, RN, Recovery Coach, Owner, Humble Warrior Women, Sarasota, FL