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Calm the Overwhelm Coaching Services


Calm the Overwhelm Coaching (CTOC) serves overwhelmed, gifted HSP/Empath entrepreneurs, wellness professionals, and career women in need of the ‘specialist coach’ who clearly sees where you are trapped, offers unique tools, and a lifetime of experience to get you back to yourself gently and quickly.  Your empath Coach is there with you to quickly release those future-destroying identity crushers, so you come back finally equipped with emotional, physical, and metaphysical tools to successfully meet every challenge.   

⭐ Disaster strikes! Your life energetically and drastically changes! CTOC is there shifting you into your next safe place.
⭐ Night-Terrors claim your sleep and health! We are your support.
⭐ Losing yourself… spinning out of control!  We are the professional anchor holding you steady.   AND… Rebirth comes quickly!
⭐ When you are ready to continue, start over, or start something new, your Coach becomes your Birthing Coach as you create impossible-to-refuse magnetism attracting your dreamt of life. 

To do ALL this, it is definitely our joy and privilege to have handheld countless women for over 16 year.  


Global: CTOC’s 4 pillars:
 💠 Personal Elite Coaching,
💠 Divorce Identity Rebirthing,
💠 Career and Business Identity Creation,
💠 Overwhelm Masterclasses
offer safety and transformation for the woman who values being cared for and pampered throughout their coaching journey.  Respect for being a one-of-a-kind individual on a one-of-a-kind journey, transforms futures. Celebration is daily!   


How does CTOC Serve YOU?  Our clients reverse energetic overwhelm using our simple, signature process, “The Empath’s Body Talk Method”.  Crisis-triggering sensitivities transform into your greatest strengths.  CTOC stands by traditional Adlerian coaching techniques and then leaps forward with modern brain science, and proven Somatics exercises to reverse energetic overwhelm.  

If ALL this weren’t enough, your coach is an Empath just like you!  They understand how to bring the physical, metaphysical, and spiritual together to meet you where you are, holding your hand as you leap forward each and every session.  


Empaths and HSPs by nature, of their nature are often at risk of early burnout, triggering an even longer lasting emotional downward spiral!  CTOC is here to help guide, teach, and train. 


Since 2006 Sue Rumack has been a professional life-coach, expert in helping highly sensitive professionals and entrepreneurs manage life and business overwhelm. She brings a unique blend of sensitivity, business skills, and real caring to everything she does; from working 1 to 1 with professional clients, to creating e-Manuals designed for every topic her clients bring to the coaching table, to talking to strangers who open-up about their life-stories within minutes of meeting Sue.

She is known for deep listening, and incredibly easy, and successful solutions creation. Her areas of expertise are Overwhelm Sensitivity Training Skills for the highly sensitive HSP and Empath, Divorce Identity Creation and Management, and Energy Healing for people and spaces. Sue is a life-long channeler, spiritual guide, and energy healer. She is an Amazon published author of 5 books of spiritual messages, and a self-published author of multiple DIY self-help e-manuals, an empath trainer, and artist. Sue encourages her clients to live their dreams, because she proves every day how powerful living the dream can be.



🌟 Adlerian Trained Professional Life Coach 2006 – 2007
Specializing in helping successful sensitives who are also professionals career women to manage their unique gifts, build successful businesses, and rebirth from the trauma of early burnout, loss of identity due to work, divorce, early childhood trauma, PTSD management, and intergenerational trauma.
🌟 Divorce Management Specialist: 2007 – current
🌟 Bell Canada: Corporate Team Accelerator 11 years – 1999 – 2010
🌟 Winner: Bell Canada’s Presidents Award 2008
🌟 Published Author of multiple DIY Empath Self-Help e-Manuals, highlighting energetic protection, shielding, etc.
🌟 Successful Entrepreneur 1973– 1998: 25 years birthing 3 successful businesses.
🌟 Life-long Channeler of Spiritual Healing Messages 8 years old to present
🌟 SacredU Tribe Host – Life Force Activators, Council Member, Panel Facilitator


“I have been working with Sue Rumack for the last couple of months regarding itching all over my body and even though I am a trauma therapist and do a lot of self care and know how the brain works, I have learned so much and have realized there is truly a difference in knowing the brain & nervous system and being able to reprogram your brain’s survival patterns and work with protecting your energy and physical body! You are truly an amazing healer Sue! ”
-Trauma Psychotherapist: Jessica Anne Renner 2022

“I have been working with Coach Sue Rumack since 2021 getting fast, lasting results. Now I observe how I’ve orchestrated exit strategies whenever I feel the slightest mistrust or danger in my space. The conflict avoider in me is torn whenever I gear up for battle and wear my armor, to stand my ground. I’m starting to observe that I’m not reactionary any longer.
Most recently 2023, Sue taught me more about how the human brain’s survival system works. We explored proprioception. It is One huge light bulb moment for me and should be for all empaths.
I’ve learned my energetic space is sacred. And, I can be cleanse of pollutants in an instant now, thanks to systemic shielding practices taught by Sue. You saved my life over the past 3 years. Thank you!”
-Silicon Valley IT Team Manager: Aisha Memon 2021- 2023


“Sue, you are so amazing! Your breadth of knowledge knows no limits!
You have been coaching me through a very complicated divorce; teaching me how to take back my power, so I create my new independent, empowered identity.
I’m learning to stand up for myself, believe in myself, navigate life’s best opportunities with confidence. I’m practicing and winning at setting boundaries, and getting professional respect!
I can’t believe the opportunities that have dropped into my life in the past few months. You must have a powerful connection to Universal Soul. God Bless.”
– Philanthropist/Entrepreneur: Samim Hashem 2022-current


“Sue Rumack, you are a beacon of light I see shining across the landscapes of life.
You show the way to grounding our energy with exercises and the wisdom this life has offered you to pay forward to others.
We have worked together for over 1 year. 2022-2023″
-Amy Hammond (That’s Her Business) Entrepreneur 2022-2023