Be Your True Self

Your Education of Self is your power and protection, your lights gets stronger when you listen to your intuition, you are the Master of Your Light

Be Your True Self


Discover your true essence and embrace your evolutionary growth with Katerina, a Spiritual Mediator, Evolutionary Life Coach, and Mentor. Through her extensive expertise as a Reiki master, light language specialist, crystal light bed practitioner, and EFT Tapping expert, you will be guided on a transformative journey of self-discovery and integration.

Be Your True Self is a loving and safe space for clients to understand and embody their Higher Selves, providing them with valuable tools for everyday life. With her intuitive nature and connection to the Blue Diamond Celestial Team, she assists clients in establishing a profound relationship with their higher selves, bringing clarity, purpose, and the achievement of personal goals.

Katerina’s compassionate guidance and mastery in navigating the ascension process support individuals in embracing their spiritual journey with grace and empowerment. Begin your evolutionary growth today and experience the transformative power of Katerina’s guidance.


Katerina is a Spiritual Mediator, Evolutionary Life Coach, and Mentor. With expertise in Reiki, light language, crystal healing, and EFT Tapping, she helps individuals integrate their spiritual awareness into everyday life. Guided by the Blue Diamond Celestial Team, she empowers clients to embody their higher selves and navigate their ascension journey.

As the creator of Be Your True Self, she offers a safe space for self-discovery, providing tools for personal growth. Katerina’s compassionate guidance and intuitive nature support clients in achieving clarity, purpose, and their goals. She is a co-author, speaker, and offers healing insights through Facebook lives.




🌟 Certified Life Coach
🌟 Mindful Mental Health Diploma and Emotional Therapies.
🌟 Life Long experiences and knowledge about Spiritual Guidance and Higher Self
🌟 Akashic Records
🌟 International Psychic Association
🌟 Psychic/ Medium/ Intuitive Reader
🌟 Crystal Light Bed Practitioner
🌟 Light Language Specialist and Teacher
🌟 Quantum Healing and Removal of Dark Entities




I just completed Katerina’s mentorship 7-session program to work on my self-worth and ended up learning so much more.
I now know and connect beautifully with my 6th-dimensional guardian self and was also shown that although I forgave the men in my life I still blamed them which was quite a surprise to me, so now I have taken responsibility for myself
Throughout our journey, I learned to stand in my power and speak my truth which is huge for me.
So yes my self-worth has massively improved and I also up-leveled and integrated with my higher self which is amazing
Katerina was very patient with me and held space for me beautifully.
So if you are stuck or feel things deep down that you just can’t get at, I would definitely recommend Katerina
Much love
–  Tracey H (SA)