Broken Bow – Blessings in Disguise

Some people are blessings in disguise. They are angels sent to us by God, or maybe created by our own Consciousness to remind us that even in our worst days- even when we are tired, broken or in despair we are still loved.

And this is not the key, my friend. The real deal is that they are actually here to teach us that no matter what, we are lovable. We are worthy of being loved!

It is sometimes when going through our hardest lessons that we get to meet those people. Sometimes we despise them, especially if we are broken- because they show us a part of us that we are not willing to face.

See, for some strange reason we want to convince ourselves that we are not worthy, that we are not alive, that we are not worthy of a love like dad’s (and more so if he showed us hatred). The funny thing is that we are! You are lovable my dear reader and you are so beyond measure.

You are so loved that a love like the one the ego is trying to achieve is insignificant. It is when you surrender to the arms of God, when you see the beauty within and you find the courage to face all your parts- good, ugly and scary or hard, that you see you are redeemed. Not by actions but by love.

So in the end it wouldn’t really matter what you did -the only thing that matters is that you love. And you cannot love if you are broken. You cannot love because you are focused on something that’s wrong. And that is hatred, that is dawn.

Start focusing on giving, start mirroring joy within instead of trying to seek it outside of yourself.

When you give yourself to God you begin to love the little details and start to appreciate those beings who have crossed your path and which you very well might have hated in the past. You start to recognize them for who they are- blessings in disguise. Angels that show you that you can be loved, that you should be loved and that no matter what, mercy and courage always win.

They show us that human nature is frail, it is broken, it is vain. But the love of God, the endearment showed by those that cross our paths demonstrate that there is a more powerful force than our ego. That the mind is just a tool and just like a bow, you can use it to fire or you can break it with might.

The might that takes for one to repair a broken bow- one that was hurt by the stupidity of the egocentric mind. Thought or not, veil or mask.

Reduce, relax and reignite that fire within so you can show mercy to those who showed you despise. And why is that? Because along the way you might have experienced the love of God in a merciful fairy who stood by you no matter what, showing you the beauty they see in your own mirror.

Why is it that you didn’t see it? Simple- because you were not ready. You were not ready to face the dark- the shady spots, the black shadows. Those that are scary to the ego because it tries to be perfect.

You are broken my dear reader, maybe even beyond repair, but that is the beauty of this human nature! It lies in picking up the pieces of a shattered arrow so that the next time you fire it comes from the heart and not from your mind. Violence is never the solution, so why hate or be mean? Why want to prove that you are better than someone else?

And why not start with changing your attitude towards yourself?

You are lovable my dear reader. Even if you think you are broken. There is a part of you that is beautiful, and that part is actually You.

With love and light.

Be blessed.

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