The Benefits Of Being A  Service Provider


Our Sacred Community is Honoured to be able to offer you the opportunity to become part of our Service Provider Program (SPP) and join us in our Mission to ‘Touch the Lives of Men & Women Everywhere’.


We welcome men & women from all over the world who are Passionate about what they can offer to the Sacred Community as well as the men & women of the World.

From one-to-one Personal Consultations to Online Events with hundreds of men & women tuning in, we would like to thank you for taking this opportunity to share your Passions and your Services with us. 

As Our Sacred Community grows, we look forward to witnessing your business grow. 

Benefits of being a SERVICE PROVIDER

Unlimited opportunities to promote your own business

Access to thousands of members throughout the World


Video promotion on SFT web/FB page/group


Promotion through our weekly Members Newsletter


Backlinking to your own website 


Access to SFC Zoom room


Access to ticketing platform for events


Access to SFC promotion program including a VA dedicated to sharing events


Access to an Exclusive Host Business Mastermind Tribe


Complementary access to Business Mastermind Events


Access to Sacred Tribes Facebook Pagefor Tribe and Business Promotion


10% Discount on many Sacred Community paid events


Unlimited Access to join as many Tribes as you wish to join.


Connect online with men & women from all over the world, who have the same interests


Build your social network


Experience activities with other men & women


Gain new knowledge


Develop new interests or hobbies


Create & Host Your Own Special Interest Tribes If You Desire


Our Sacred Community will also provide:


A platform for you to advertise your business and events


Business support and training through the Business Mastermind


Event advertising through our Promotion Program


Tribe Calendar to promote your events


We encourage you to read our Service Providers Best Practices Agreement to familiarise yourself our Practices.

       Please call us on + 61 456 363 037 if you have any questions or contact us.