Answering The Call

answering the call

Answering the Call

Do you always pick up when the phone rings? Do you turn around when someone calls your name? What about the more subtle calls from your heart, your Soul, or from Spirit. Do you hear and respond to those too? In our world of constant demands, stimulation and media of all kinds vying for our attention, it’s easy to get lost in all the noise and miss the most important calls of all- whispers of your soul. This disconnection or muddled reception causes you to lose some of best guidance, answers and signs you may have been looking for all along. All too often we respond to obligation, rather than passion. Passion is the fuel that drives our purpose into the experience of freedom and flow, while obligation is a drain to our whole energy system. Acting from obligation can cause tension, regret, and even resentment as it constricts and restricts us from doing what we really want. So how can we shift our motivation and drive to come from passion rather than obligation?

Choosing Passion Over Obligation

choices Knowing what gives you motivation and power and how and where you use that power gives you the ultimate control of how to live your life. Tapping into this innate inner wisdom supports you in focusing on what you love, rather than what you have to do. Align with your values and what gives you purpose and meaning in your life. Taking inspired action is the key to living a life that lifts you up and keeps you vibrating high. It connects you with your deepest passion, which is your soul’s expression of who you truly are and what you came to contribute in this lifetime. Passion brings in energy and vitality. Obligation brings in a sense of over-responsibility. In other words, over responding to others requests, demands and expectations. Obligation is often fear-based, where passion is sourced from love. When you always do what you’ve always done, what can you do to change that? Be open to new possibilities, new approaches, and start listening to your inner guidance. Having F.A.I.T.H-finding answers in the heart is a sure way to find more ease and flow in your life. Start asking yourself what else is possible. Explore other options. Open up and expand your horizon so you can start seeing the bigger picture for your life. What do you envision for your life going forward? Consider what it would be like to experience fulfillment and deeper life satisfaction. There are many future potentialities. Dream a little. Or dream BIG! Start finding a way rather than an excuse, to start making those dreams happen for you. energy joy

Finding the Inspiration

A couple of years ago I was in a job that at the start seemed “perfect” for me until I became so overwhelmed by the reality of it and new expectations and values imposed upon me that was not actually aligned with what I was really passionate about. I mean it was meaningful work  and had me earning a very good income and living in a sought-after neighbourhood. But because I wasn’t living my full potential, my energy drained and I defaulted to using my acquired skills and sense of over-responsibility to just get by. Even after I left, I recognized I wasn’t feeling inspired or motivated while I recovered my body’s response to the exhaustion and burnout. So I started developing awareness of where I felt inspiration, beauty and delight. I even experiences bursts of energy that came from reconnecting with the things that lit me up. As Marie Kondo would say, the activities and experiences that “spark joy”. In this small shifts, depression became inspiration and surviving became thriving. This has been a cycle or pattern for me since childhood and there was another cycle that threaded through alongside it quoted by Saint Francis of Assisi who said, “First do what is necessary. Then do what is possible. And before you know it you are doing the impossible.”

Align Your Higher Path

I could start seeing what was on the horizon and feeling into how I wanted to be living my life. I took time to get clear on what kind of difference I wanted to make through my contribution to life. Then made the wholehearted commitment to devote my life to that. Incredible opportunities, connections, and community emerged. These are some of my core values. Your heart and soul hold the keys to living your ultimate life. One that is fulfilling, satisfying, and brings much joy and happiness. It just takes some adjustments to create that alignment and find your way on the right path. stronger pull rumi Blog Contributor Jennifer RegularKnown as, The Soul Illuminator”, Jennifer Regular specializes in helping Changemakers activate their Soul Calling so they can embody who they came here to be and serve to uplift humanity and transform the world. She is an International Speaker, Author of Embrace Your Power: A Healing Journal of Self-Discovery, and Podcast Host. https://linktr.ee/lighting.the.path

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