Affiliate Link Instructions

Affiliate Link Instructions

Affiliate Link:  Steps to access your link

            Community Membership Tab

  1. Sign in to SacredU.Love
  2. In the Dashboard on the Home page, click on Pricing
  3. The first tab is Community Membershipclick here
  4. In your search bar, copy the community-membership/ at the end of the url (sacredu.love/community-membership/)

Affiliate Tab

  1. Return to Home 
  2. Select the Village tab
  3. Select Our Affiliate Program tab
  4. In the body of the URL (See diagram below) Generator box, paste community-membership/
  5. Copy the whole address on this line 

This is the url address you will give to friends and family.  This link will take them directly to the Community Membership page.

Note:  If they do not sign up at that moment and then go back to the page at a later date without using your specific url address, you will not be given credit for the referral.  Please explain to anyone using your url address that this is the only way you receive credit for referring them.

Any questions, please let us know.  Happy Referring!!!